Raymond Forbes-Schieche

Senior Brand Design Professional (BETA)

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Smart Reach Digital
Brand Identity (Rebrand)
Visual Identity System


Smart Reach Digital was Entercom’s internal digital marketing agency—with its own separate small roster of clients, though their main revenue stream comes from Entercom's radio station brands and clients. 

The Smart Reach Digital subsidiary and brand has been around for a few years, however, its visual identity was uninspiring and generic. As Entercom, SRD’s parent company and brand endorser, moves towards acquiring a new brand identity and continues to play a bigger role in the industry, it was important to have its internal digital agency reflect the modern, unique identity it deserved.
Approach & Design Principles

  • Brand concept: “See a Certain Future”
  • The visual identity system uses a graphic device inspired by the redesigned Guardian wordmark to convey the action of capturing “special, sacred moments” in people’s lives and trajectories.