Raymond Forbes-Schieche

Senior Brand Design Professional
[Under Construction] ︎︎
Year: 2014
Client: Univision Communications Inc
Project: Women's Leadership Council Brand Identity
Website: http://www.univision.net

Brand Identity Development & Implementation
Role: Design Director, Designer

The concept behind the identity for UCI's Women's Leadership council was "Seamless Unity". In the corporate world, as in Hispanic culture, women have had to work harder to prove themselves and achieve their goals. The Women's Leadership Council at UCI set out to be "UCI at it's best". The WLC organization sends the message that gender is not a barrier, and we should all strive for the greater good of both the Company, and the rest of Hispanic America.

The design represents an abstract W, in itself resembling a flowing ribbon—a piece of fabric that is strong, resilient, and will keep connecting others to its cause.

WLC Brand Video from Raymond Forbes-Schieche on Vimeo.